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Thread: vermeer anamorph - finished version

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    vermeer anamorph - finished version

    Some time ago i posted progress report -making of 6x12 anamorphic camera:
    first tests i made with zone plate. I left that camera on the shelf for many weeks, but finally i found some time to finish it. Camera work well, however i noticed two small issues.
    1. Winding of film from start to first frame must be made very gently and carefuly- some films has very thin backing paper and it collapsed down several times
    2. Adhesive foam added by me as a gasket wasn't 100% light tight and it caused small light leak at the edge. I replaced it for microgum foam.
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    A very nice looking camera. In the meantime you built an impressive variety of different pinhole camera models. Vermeer would be certainly proud that you used his name for your brand.
    -_- Best wishes from Switzerland, René -_- my photos on flickr

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    Thank you, René.
    I have many ideas, but still have not enough time- to execute (and post results)

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