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Thread: UV light box

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    UV light box

    HI after seen Marv's I decide to post mine as one may work best for some .
    I started with a dicarted drawer ( it was whithe so no paint needed) form a carpenters shop I the mounted 5 ,18 Inch BL 15 watt lighs it work great an average exposure runs on the 5 to 10 minute range If you want more Info drop me a line
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    UV light box

    Thanks for posting Gus, could you possible post more in the forum about it? I'm sure there are many of us interested.... one question I have is: are the light units themselves just off the shelf units or did you build them from special ballasts? Great idea to use a discarded drawer!

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    UV light box

    I love the drawer idea! It probably even has a handle for portability
    I'd love to learn details about how you wired it up. Thanks!

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