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Thread: Zone Plate Solargraph

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    Zone Plate Solargraph

    Last Sunday, exposure about 5 hours on ilford mgiv paper. 6x6 camera with 75mm ZP. You can just about make out the garden chairs and table in the foreground.

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    Very nice. I did something similar with a Fresnel optic and got good results in a single afternoon.

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    gorgeous! really really nice!
    that's BW paper without development/fixing?

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    Great solargraph picture.
    -_- Best wishes from Switzerland, René -_- my photos on flickr

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    This is excellent. Solargraphy with a zone plate is a great idea!

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    Yes Tom. Just shoot and scan. The ilford mgiv gives nice colours.

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    Jimmy do you turn the preview off on your scanner? Just wondering if it would add extra unwanted fog .

    I like your result. Great work!! Colin

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    Yes Colin, I setup a 'window' on the scanner (using scraps of paper) a little bigger than the photo and preview that, select my area to scan and then place the photo on the "window" and scan. It's a good idea to do a test to see what resolution your scanner/computer setup can achieve in one single pass. You don't want the scanner stopping for a breather during the scan.

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    Great! Instant solargraph.
    see my other work at:-

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    Very interesting, I've seen solarography of weeks or months - never for such a short time. Did you scan with simple 3 in 1 scanner or dedicated flatbed?

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