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Thread: Harman DPP Under Halogen Lighting

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    Harman DPP Under Halogen Lighting

    I've been having fun shooting Harman's Direct Positive Paper in various glass lenses cameras, but have limited my use to shooting under daylight (direct or indirect) light.

    Last night I decided to do some testing indoors using a 500 watt halogen work light. The camera used was a 4x5 Speed Graphic, and the lens was a 150mm binocular lens, stopped down to a 20mm aperture, which yields around f/11-13, depending upon bellows extension (which I measure directly on the camera using a tape measure).

    I set my light meter (Gossen Luna Pro F) to an exposure index of 2, the speed I normally rate Harman DPP. The prints were preflashed in the darkroom prior to loading into the film holders, and they were processed in a Jobo 4x5 test print developing tank using Ilford PQ liquid paper developer diluted 80cc H2O + 5.5cc liquid concentrate, for 3 minutes.

    I am pleased with these results, especially that I was able to do so with rating the paper at my standard speed without any further exposure compensation. The Halogen lights evidently output enough light in the blue end of the spectrum such that the light meter correlates to the paper's sensitivity.


    Exposure = 12 seconds:
    (I metered for middle gray on the camera bellows; the halogen light was over 2 meters from the subject)

    Polaroid001a by jvcabacus, on Flickr

    Exposure = 3 seconds:
    (I metered for the flower petals at +1/3 EV; the halogen light was only about a meter from the subject)

    Flower001a by jvcabacus, on Flickr

    PS: I should mention that the flower shot was on the dining room table under an overhead light of low wattage incandescent lights, while with the Polaroid camera shot the table lamp was outfitted with a compact fluorescent, which you can see illuminated the base of the lamp very well. This leads me to think that CF lighting might provide a much lower wattage solution to indoor illumination for these types of images, and that more testing is warranted.
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    Nice work Joe.

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    Two very nice images.

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