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Thread: Bodleian Library, Oxford

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    A lesson in light for sure. Alot going on in this one. Excellent as always John!

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    Excellent composition and great light.
    -_- Best wishes from Switzerland, René -_- my photos on flickr

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    It's all there. Light, shadow and composition all come together perfectly.
    Shoot Film Not People

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    This image cood be a book cover, somehow it invites me to a story...
    The pavement really invites you in, to ...

    Great shot!

    Cheers, Danny

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    The shadows, the cobbles, the light...everything is perfect.
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    If a single photograph is a phrase, then a body of work is the full story.
    (Manuel Alvarez Bravo)

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    We all know how important light is to our imagery, and this image has it going on. Very nice!

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