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    This is a large cascading waterfall fountain near where I work. The exposure was 47 sec in full sun. I was trying to get a little more of the feel of the water movement, but my camera sent the moving water off into the distance more than I thought it would. This was taken with the CF/217 MkI on Ilford Harmon DPP developed in Caffenol-C-L.

    Wateridge Waterfall by James Harr Photo, on Flickr


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    You may have lost the water but the composition is very good.
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    Love the sweeping, curving rhythms in the composition, and the way the four trees anchor everything down — great!

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    Thanks fellas. I don't have a view finder on this camera, so I kind of use my fingers to 'see' the ~90deg horizontal field of view, but the vertical field of view is still kind of a guessing game. How do others compose without a viewfinder?

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    For me it's just being familiar with what your camera can see. Half the fun is finding out what you end up with.
    Keep shooting......
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