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Thread: Nice video on "Yama", my human skull stereo pinhole camera.

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    Nice video on "Yama", my human skull stereo pinhole camera.

    The link is to a youtube video "Yama" the 500 year old Tibetan human skull stereo camera created to photograph Tibetan exodus.
    Shot in my studio in Tucson AZ.

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    The craftmanship could be certainly admired, however, I cannot and I do not agree with using human body parts to create any artefacts. What will be the next? Bellows made from human skin? Perhaps I do not understand of what you call art, ok. You can call me narrow-minded, conservative, footling etc. if you like to. I simply do not like it. Sorry.
    The world is not black and white. It often looks good in grayscale, though.

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    MartinS, while your viewpoint is of course valid, humans have been using parts of other humans for artefacts / decorations for the longest time. Not to insult anyone but there's a religion that uses an effigy of a dead man on a torture device as one of it's most sacred artefacts. I don't see much difference between the work of mr. Belger and that.

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    A fine video documenting an innovative, intriguing work. Thanks for posting this, Wayne.

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    Mr. Belger, i love your work. Thanks for your imagination.

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    i came across this project some months ago through your website. i really admire and am inspired by your work. keep it up!

    one thing i really like is the connections you make between the machines you construct and the subjects you photograph, it adds a whole extra dimension to the work. thanks for sharing

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