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Thread: Greifensee - public swimming baths

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    Greifensee - public swimming baths

    Again some pictures taken at the Greifensee on the last weekend. This time I went to a public swimming baths close to the town Greifensee.

    Fuji Cherry Blossom 5x7 camera, FL 120 mm, PH 0.35 mm, Fomaspeed S312 photo paper, developed in Centrabrom, exposure times 5 to 10 minutes

    On the way to the baths a group of birches.

    Inside the public swimming baths

    Here for comparison to the scan-digital processing a contact copy of a wet silver print on Ilford MG Warmtone paper (scan calibrated with a grayscale)

    One of the fascinating trees inside the public swimming baths.

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    An other view of the same tree. First the scan-digital processing

    and the contact copy

    Surfer's paradise. In summertime this place is full of people even if there is almost no wind on the lake. Then the people barbecue and have a chat.

    and the contact copy

    I just started to use the Ilford Warmtone paper for making contact prints. As second paper I want test the Fomatone paper which should also be usable for lith printing. I'm not yet completely happy with the contact prints. I have to improve the process. In addition I'm playing also with toner chemistry but I'm not yet satisfied with the results. A lot more work to do.
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    Another excellent series, René! I especially like the last picture in the first post.

    I'm eager to see lith prints!
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