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Thread: Dull Weather and Sunshine

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    Dull Weather and Sunshine

    Last Sunday the sun showed up several times in the morning. After the weekly shopping it started again to snow and the sun disappeared. Nevertheless I went out after lunch to take a few pictures at the Greifensee. This time I went to a location close to Maur on the other side of the lake, usually not a good spot in the afternoons (sun in the back). But as it had no sunshine it didn't matter. As I arrived at the lake it was still snowing and freezing cold. So I exposed only the half of the film holders. Here the results. The texture is a digital blend of a scanned Japan paper.

    Fuji Cherry Blossom 5x7 camera, FL 120 mm, PH 0.35 mm, Fomaspeed S312 photo paper rated at 12 ASA, developed in Centrabrom, exposure times 4 to 5 minutes

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