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Thread: Badi Egg

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    Badi Egg

    Last Sunday was wonderful weather, fresh powder snow and a lot of sunshine. A real challenge to capture the snow landscape on paper negatives. Badi = public swimming area, Egg = name of a village close, in fact a little bit farer away, to the Greifensee. I thought that the name should be Badi Rńllikon as this is the name of a hamlet close-by.

    Fuji Cherry Blossom 5x7 camera, FL 120 mm, PH 0.35 mm (remark: PH 0.40 mm), Fomaspeed S312 photo paper rated at 12 ASA, developed in Centrabrom, exposure times 30 to 45 seconds

    The entrance

    a view from the entrance to the lake

    walking over the lawn for sunbathing

    one of the barbecue places

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    Looking back to the entrance area with the locker rooms. The 2 minutes expsoure time was a little bit too long but I wanted to get some details in the shadow areas. This was the most challenging shot of the series. The direct sun in the picture is much more paper negative friendly than a strong reflection of the sun in water (example in this thread

    a beautiful tree directly at the lake

    The lakeside and farther away a floating platform for the swimmer in the lake

    and finally a closer shot of the beautiful tree

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    Very nice set of images RenÚ! But, I have to say that it would be too cold for me.....

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    Fantastic set. You're in a purple patch with these snow images!

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    Those are some of the very best winter/snow pinhole camera scenes I've ever seen. Stunning! The fourth and fifth photos are top notch.

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    Rene -

    You have retained texture in the highlights in every image. Very nicely done!
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    Wonderful series. I particularly like #6.

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    A beautiful set of image Rene. The tree series in the second post are a delight and I would happily pt one of them on my wall.
    Regards Shane
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    Agreed, some of the very best winter scenes. Your clarity and the delicate shadows combined with the perfect high values really make these sing. Add to that your wonderful vision and it makes for a great portfolio.
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    RenÚ How do you get the exposure so short? with my 5x4 on not a very dull day is over 90secs, the focal lenght is slightlt less as is the pinhole. Colin

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