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Thread: 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry

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    14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry

    Now I don't know much, but I do know that when you're walking around with a pinhole camera and you randomly walk past a group of civil war reenactors in full regalia, you might as well ask to take their picture! I happened upon a group this morning while walking around New Haven taking photos of the remarkable architecture of Yale University.

    The group is the 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry of East Hampton, CT. They were a great bunch of guys and were all too happy to pose for the camera. This is also the first time I have approached anyone to ask to take their portrait. It was great fun all around.

    The funniest part of the whole thing was how concerned they were with making Sure their poses blocked the little yellow flags that were in the grass from what must have been a recent pesticide treatment. Even for a stranger's photo these guys paid utmost attention to authenticity!

    The shot a bit more underexposed than I expected but it was Very bright out today, and I'm delighted to have come away with something.

    14th Connecticut Vol. Infantry
    f/236 4x5 Paper Neg. Camera
    20 sec. exposure

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    This image could have been taken any time during the period of the Civil War.
    Your great effort was rewarded by a fine result.
    Please click on my flickr page :

    If a single photograph is a phrase, then a body of work is the full story.
    (Manuel Alvarez Bravo)

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