Hi everyone.

I recently obtained some Fidelity Elite film holders and now have decided to build a pinhole project around them.

I wanted to make it with good materials and will try to take great care in it's construction.

So far I have purchased a .014" Laser pinhole and a new Durst M600 bellows for this project.

I have 3 focal lengths in mind and I will want to change to larger pinholes for the longer focal lengths.

I have not put anything to paper yet, but I will try to start at a FL of 3.5" or 90mm (the actual FL will probably depend on the length of the collasped bellows)for the first focal length which is a moderately wide angle at f250.

Then I want to add a normal angle camera FL capability and a telephoto focal length. Much of this will depend on how far the bellows can extend to the next two focal lenghts.

1. What would be good pinhole sizes and focal lengths for the next 2 settings on this camera?

I am thinking about anywhere in the ballpark of .018" to .022" with a 6" to 7" FL for normal, and perhaps about .022" to .027" for a 9" to 10" focal length.

Some moderate amount sharpness will be desired in the imaging.

2. Any recommendations?

Thank you for any replies or recommendations.