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Thread: Spy-Cam Selfies

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    Spy-Cam Selfies

    Sunday, I decided there weren't enough "selfies" in the world, especially ones made using unconventional methods, and therefore set about rectifying the situation.

    Harman Direct Positive Paper in Minox B, subminiature camera. Exposures were in the range of 1/8 to 1/15 second at the camera's fixed aperture of f/3.5.


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    James Coburn, Sean Connery, and Diana Rigg are jealous. I like ring-finger Joe.
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    Yeah, I like ringer finger Joe too, Ringer Finger Joe - sounds like a mean motha!
    Nice project Joe... I've often thought about spooling paper, and using some kind of tape to knit sheets together so you could use small sheets, and even mix papers. Maybe it's all been discussed here in the past?

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    This has to be a worlds first Joe. I love it!
    Sam H.

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    Those are the smallest paper positives or negatives I've seen.... very creative! ring finger Joe!
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