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Thread: Testing the rise fall 5x7

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    Testing the rise fall 5x7

    To test the new front part with rise and fall possibilities I went to the town Greifensee. As you can see in the pictures we had last weekend still some remaining snow in shadow areas.

    Fuji Cherry Blossom camera with new rise/fall front part (for the rise/fall front part take a look at the original camera thread:, FL 119 mm, PH 0.40 mm, Fomaspeed S311 (glossy) photo paper, pre-flashed, rated at 12 ASA, developed in Centrabrom

    It's worth to check the pre-flashing time for every new batch of paper carefully. The S312 paper has with my equipment 9.2 s and the S311 7 s. The difference is clearly visible. 9.2 s would cause a fogging of the paper. The usable speed is not changed.

    For the presentation of the pictures I plyed with a waterpaper background blend. The waterpaper background is very subtle and most probably only visible on a correct calibrated screen.

    Fall -1 cm

    no rise or fall but tilted to emphasize the composition

    Fall -1.5 cm

    Fall -1 cm

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    looks really good rene!

    i really like the boats, but also number 4 is particularly beautiful.

    the watercolour paper texture is just visible on my screen, looks well though, i think i prefer it to the other texture you were using

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    Don't you just wish that some graffitti artists weren't so piss-poor at their 'art' ?

    I would love to have seen pic 3 without their puerile attempts at defacing the wall of the boat shed. The jetty looks great though and I think the fall is used to great effect in this picture.

    Number 4 is a delight too.
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    Many thanks for your very kind comments.

    George, the poor graffiti are really a little bit distracting.
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    I would be interested in seeing the same shot with the different pinhole positions to compare
    Regards Shane
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    Shane, I planned already to make some comparison shots. I hope I will find some time.

    The rise/fall expands the possibilities of the camera definitely but it's also more time consuming to get the compositions right, even with the new adjustable triangles. Plus minus 3 cm is good for the landscape orientation. In the portrait mode I would like to have more. Plus minus 5 cm should be okay.
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    (This part of the thread was originally in the first post. After the disaster with the attachments I had to re-post this part as only 4 images can be integrated in one post. Via attachments it is possible to show 5 pictures)

    This pictures shows that first the + 3 cm is not enough in the portrait mode, so I had to tilt in addition, and second that the framing is not so easy. I thought that the top of the castle would be within the picture. This picture was the reason that I spend some time this morning to built better triangles (I just posted a few pictures in the original camera thread). On the other hand this picture shows that with correct pre-flashing, a correct exposure and an appropriate development process it is possible to get a good latitude even with photo paper. The alley in the front was very dark and the castle in the back was in full sunshine. I don't know how good you can see the details in the alley - this depends on the calibration of your screen - but there are a lot of details on my screen and also on the paper negative.

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