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Thread: CPR Bridge - Alyth Yards

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    CPR Bridge - Alyth Yards

    Canadian Pacific Bridge (Alyth) connecting main tracks with CPR Alyth Yard in Calgary. Made with a Zero Image 6×9 pinhole camera.


    This was taken only minutes after my first image of this same bridge. I think I had put a “new” roll of film in my camera, which may account for the different colour cast. I say “new” as I am slowly using film I have had in my freezer for as long as 24 years with not much for ill effects save a slightly different rendering of colour which I am OK with. This view is looking southeast and the first image is looking to the northeast. I do recall it being quite brisk this day as my friend Doug Williamson and I explored around the Ogden area of Calgary a bit. 7 sec.@ f/235.


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    The water movement gives the image a painting like quality..well done .Two very nice photos.


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    Light is changing very quickly sometimes. Both shots are very attractive.
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    Is part of the difference in light and color because you switched sides of the bridge? It looks like it's backlit in the second shot.

    Whatever the reason, they're both very nice images. I think I like the more colorful one just a bit more.
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    Yes, it is certainly backlit in #2, but looking at the shoreline there is a pretty significant difference in warmth. These are from prints from the lab which may easily have an automated WB setting that is "smart" and decides what it thinks is best.

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    these are really nice, i really love the intensity of the colours and the slight shift.

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