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Thread: Pinholing Nantes

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    Pinholing Nantes

    From a series I shot last friday on the 6x17. I'm very happy with the ability to shift the pinhole up or down 10mm so I can put the horizon on either third while keeping the camera level.

    Lots more from this shoot here in my blog if you're interested..

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    Great results! I think my favorite of the entire series is the shot of the little arch bridge, in the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany group.

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    Superb, Jimmy.

    I have written to you via your blog.

    Please click on my flickr page :

    If a single photograph is a phrase, then a body of work is the full story.
    (Manuel Alvarez Bravo)

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    Looks great, Jimmy!
    See my photos at:

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    that's a beauty! nice work!

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    This is a beauty, James. Nicely done!

    I have been thinking about this approach for popcorn tin cameras. I might even provide 5 pinhole locations - one centered, and two rise and two fall locations. I would like to be able to put the can on the ground and see almost no foreground at all. The front fall would be used for making images from bridges or from the top rail of a parking ramp roof. I am going to be able to shoot 14x24 inches in my large tin can on Harman direct positive paper. I can't wait for my roll of paper to arrive, so I can do the testing I need to do to get the camera and paper calibrated.
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    Wow, what a fantastic shot!

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    This is a great image!

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    Jimmy that's fantastic, the quality is absolutely fabulous.

    "developing a design for a 617 panoramic pinhole camera that I plan to sell through my site."

    I'm thinking about putting my name down for one of these.

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    thats great, it really does make a huge difference compositionally to be able to move the horizon.

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