I have updated my Pinhole Optics Designer software. The software is run as a web service; and, will produce a multi-page PDF document containing a pinhole, zone plate, photon sieve and pinhole sieve; ready for printing and photo reduction.

I developed this software for my own experimental work; and, am interested in any feedback anyone can give me with regard to the software. In particular, are there features missing which would be useful to a wider audience.

New features include the following:
Draw pinhole sieves
1 to 1 scaling of the resulting PDF allowing direct printing to a film printer
Embed the design data into the PDF file as attachments which can be extracted as CSV files using Adobe Readed
Use true random numbers to generate the photon sieves
Report logging data to screen

The url is http://www.markgavin.com/site/pinhol..._designer.html

Thank you.
Mark Gavin.