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Thread: Down to the River

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    Down to the River

    A recent roll of a waterfall up Route 72, across the road from the Cheat River Narrows. The water flows through a culvert under the road into the Cheat. I tried photographing these falls back in February, but the results were very disappointing. The flow has been much stronger due to recent heavy rain and snow.

    Zero Image 612B; Ilford XP2 film. Exposures were between five and ten seconds.

    Here's the first:


    After the first shot, I worked my way up a bit and tried to get in closer to the flowing water:


    And further up:


    At this point, I settled in to work this one spot from slightly different points of view:


    See my photos at:

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    And one last one:

    See my photos at:

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    Oh, I like them. #4 is my fave. 4 and 5 are very similar, but the bottom third of the image is what makes or breaks it for me. 5 has a distinct bright band over the large dark bolder that draws my eye out of the image. The "ghost" rock is also cropped at the bottom in 5 and I prefer seeing the complete rock in 4. The very dark small rock right at the bottom of 5 grabs too much of my attention from the rest of this great image and one final niggle - the rocks on the bottom left of 4 have a touch more breathing room and feels a bit more relaxed.

    It must have been a bit tricky clambering over those icy rocks!

    Nicely done!

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    I agree... like #4 the best but they are all great. Yes looks cold I'm glad spring is finally here!

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    All the images in this series are top class ..well done David.

    "Yes looks cold I'm glad spring is finally here!" after a long dry summer I'm glad winter is just around the corner.

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    These are really fine. Three and six are my favorites, lots of metaphor there about the Tree of Life and the Waters of abundance. But then that's just me. Thanks for sharing them.

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    You are the master of river pinhole photographs and this series just adds to that fine body of work.
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    Very Nice work, I too like the 4th but they all are good quality. They would look great in an entryway to a building say maybe 2' x 6'. Again, good stuff!

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    Excellent series. I like the vertical panorama format.
    -_- Best wishes from Switzerland, René -_- my photos on flickr

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