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Thread: A traveling camera project?

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    A traveling camera project?

    I was talking to a colleague who is about to undergo a medical procedure and we talked about how weird anaesthesia was. That reminded me of the photographs of my cataract surgery, so I searched “cataract” in f295 and also came up with this thread.

    I actually started that camera on it’s way, but life intervened at some point and I never found out what happened to it. Probably a good thing, because I later discovered it wasn’t really very light tight (I had made another camera out of the same material).

    Anyway, I got out the stereo camera I made to replace that one and tarted it up with a new layer of 3M #235, a winder minder, and a new three layer shutter, like I made for the Portrait camera and the Chaneloflex, and a level and shot a roll for old times sake.

    I participated in at least two around the world camera projects. Pinhole Doug sent around an Argus C3 (not entirely sure that was the model, but it was one of those brick-like 35mms) when he was organizing his pinhole geocaching project for everyone to take one frame and send on, and I shot a couple rolls with Daryl’s notorious Lady in Red pinhole seive.

    There was another one where participants took a self portrait against a dark background on one side of a 4x5 film and sent it on and the next person exposed themselves (!?) on the other side. I'm pretty sure earlj and gneissgirl were in one of those. I can't find the thread on f295. Not sure if they sent the whole camera or just the film holder.

    I think there was a Blender that did some traveling with each partipant shooting a single exposure on one roll of film, which with that camera yielded a single very wide image.

    I still think this stereo camera would be a good candidate for such a project. I’m curious to see what you lot would come up with in stereo. 35mm is out of the comfort zone of a lot of you. That alone would be interesting. It doesn't weigh very much so shipping wouldn't be too much of a burden even for those who had to cross an ocean to get it to the next participant.

    We could probably get Tom to set up a special forum.

    So, whaddya think?

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