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    A problem

    Well, it's a good problem, but let me explain. I've been making 5x7 paper negative pinhole photos... started out just as an idea that it would be fun to make pinhole photos of neat trees where I live. The negatives look really great and so do the contact prints. Then I started imagining what an 8x10 negative might look like. So Saturday I built an 8x10 pinhole camera. Today I made my third picture with it and got the exposure close to right... and well, it looks amazing. So now what would an 8x10 negative look like from a camera with a lens? Or an 11x14 negative! Or an 8x10 on FILM! Uh oh. This is inexorable, isn't it!? You guys should warn people about coming here.... Sure is fun, isn't it! I'm glad there is a forum where so much knowledge and information accumulates.
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