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Thread: Lake Louise, Alberta

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    Lake Louise, Alberta

    You certainly canít tell from this photograph that I was standing amongst roughly a hundred tourists who flock to this gorgeous viewpoint to have a photograph of themselves standing in front of it for a souvenir ( I took maybe three for people who handed me their cameras). Stepping off the boardwalk I carefully balanced on a few large rocks to get this shot setting my tripod up in the water. Of the hundreds, or even thousands of images made that day of this scene, I would venture to guess that I made the only one with this kind of camera! Another fun fact about this image is that it was created on a film I have had in my freezer since it expired back in 1989!! Good ol' Fujicolor 100 on my Zero 69.


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    really nice shot Collin! great work!

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    Lovely image! Nice comp and color....

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    Amazing image!

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    Wow, Collin -- that's a terrific image!! Breathtaking scenery, perfect composition, and great colors. Really well done.
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    Classic Lake Louise, Collin! — I think I've stood near that spot myself, but this is the first time I've seen a pinhole image of it!

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    Thanks for all the kind comments!
    Most surprising to me was that 22 year old film(expiry date, it was likely produced 2 or 3 years earlier) could perform this well! I had bought about 40 rolls for a trip with my Linhof 617 Technorama and first day out destroyed the shutter. I only had a 35mm for many years as well, so it took awhile to use it up and a few rolls were left hiding in the deep recesses of my freezer. A bit like a film time capsule. Found a couple rolls of Konica infrared and Impressa 50 along with some Kodak Ektar 25. I haven't used any of those yet. I suspect the infrared might be a right-off, but I think I'll put it through anyway to see what I get.

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    Excellent picture. I love the colors. Such lakes in the mountain can have sometimes very intensive unusual colors.
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    This green water is so intense! I love it !

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