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Thread: Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

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    Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

    I was on my way to Banff and decided to stop in for a couple of hours at Big Hill Springs Provincial Park a couple weeks ago. This is a fairly small park about 1.5 hours drive from my home just a bit north and west of Calgary. It was quite cold and windy (-13C), but hey I didn't have to worry about any batteries freezing up, just my nose and fingers!! I had the place to myself for at least an hour and had a good time exploring along the creek which flows year round from underground springs. There are quite a few small waterfalls as well which add to the interest of the place. I followed the creek for maybe a kilometre or so along very icy paths, and made it out after falling only once. Bruised my butt, and I managed to keep the camera away from impact and it still looks really pretty. My exposures ranged from around 30 seconds to a couple of minutes on Lomography 100 ISO film. Zero Image 6x9.
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    lovely set! the winter colours are so muted as to be almost black and white... i like their subtlety. they benefit from being seen at full size. if i had to cose favourites they would be one and four

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    Beautiful images, Collin, well worth the trek (although I'm glad there was only one not-too-bad fall).

    I'm not going to try to pick a favorite, especially as they hang together so well as a series.
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    Time well spent. Looks like a spot with endless possibilities. Wish I could pick a favorite but all are so well done that won't happen!
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    The colors are so subtle, that when I opened first I thought it is b/w. beautiful set, my favorites are first and third. The colors on the tree limbs on third are so soft, almost like painting.

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    A very nice set of snow pictures.
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    For a second there i thought these were toned instead of color images. I especially enjoy the third one.

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    Sweet images. I love color images that look monochrome at first glance.
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    Another Zero camera doing a fine job.

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    Fine work! The compositions and subtle colour tones are wonderful.

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