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Thread: Happy Easter (snow & rain)

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    Happy Easter (snow & rain)

    Although we switched in Europe now also to DST last night it was snowing this morning, on Easter Sunday! After brunch it was still snowing and I went to the Greifensee to capture hopefully the last snow pictures of this extended winter.

    Gryphus 8" camera, FL 150 mm, PH 0.40 mm (, Fomaspeed S312 photo paper, pre-flashed, 12 ASA

    A yacht port close to the village Fńllanden. 10 minutes exposure time (it was still snowing)

    Happy Easter to everybody, hopefully with a little bit better weather than we have currently in Switzerland.
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    Soon after I arrived at the Greifensee it started to rain instead of snowing. Nevertheless I took a few other pictures before I went home.

    Fuji Cherry Blossom camera with new rise/fall front part (, FL 119 mm, PH 0.40 mm, Fomaspeed S311 (glossy) photo paper, pre-flashed, rated at 12 ASA, developed in Centrabrom

    The same place where I took the first picture, now half an hour later the rain dissolved the snow almost completely.

    -_- Best wishes from Switzerland, RenÚ -_- my photos on flickr

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    Number three is really fine. Very nice as always.

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    Happy Easter RenÚ ..really fantastic images

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    Happy Easter to you RenÚ.

    I like the second one with the rowboat.. the smoothness and the subtle horizon beyond the float are really quiet and nice. In the first one I like the contrast ( for lack of a better word! ) between the contrast in the foreground and the contrast in the distance.

    Some photos: Ipernity
    ( pinholes and solargraphs mixed in among the rest)

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    Nice work Happy Easter to you. Number three if I had to pick one. The bit of movement in number two is very nice too.

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    They are all lovely Rene! Happy Easter!
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    Happy Easter, RenÚ.

    A very nice series, but # 3 really stands out as extra special.

    (I, too, keep waiting for the snow to make a final exit.)
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    You are a master! Great work Rene, I especially like the second and third shots.

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    Many thanks for your very kind comments.

    #2 and #3 are also my favorites. The smooth gray shades without any visible grain of the paper negatives are unbeatable.

    BTW: The snow is now definitely gone. We had some sunshine today but it was still very cold.
    -_- Best wishes from Switzerland, RenÚ -_- my photos on flickr

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