BTZS & Introduction to Large Format Photography
Fred Newman
July 19-23
Discover the beauty of using large format cameras to create images. You will learn all sorts of techniques such as; how to calibrate your film using BTZS methods of calibration, how to use an incident meter for large format photography and how to use the ExpoDev software for your exposure & development times. You will learn how to use scale focusing to make focusing easy, as well as, view camera basics & camera movements. Night photography will also be explored. These techniques will help you control your exposures and compositions so that you can concentrate on making interesting photographs in large format.

Fred Newman has been involved in photography all of his life. He learned about BTZS around 1990. From 1995 to 2000 he taught BTZS & Introduction the View Camera workshops with Phil Davis. As the owner of the View Camera Store, Fred has been doing BTZS film & paper testing for serious photographers since 1995 He also teaches private workshops.

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