Photographic Composition Intensive
Bruce Barlow
July 26-30
Photographic Composition Intensive” will consist of five days of exploring elements of composition as a means to make more expressive photographs. Instructor Bruce Barlow believes that conscious study and application of concepts and ideas about composition will lead to more successful and consistent results. The class will consist of brief lectures, followed by field exercises to explore and, practice the concepts, which we will immediately review. Lines, shapes, light, shadow, spatial relationships, weight, balance and rhythm are examples of concepts that students will play with. We will also discuss subjects, portraits, storytelling, editing, and sequencing pictures, and more. Bruce will also talk about, and students will practice, left- and right-brain exercises, which are designed to help students see more holistically, and compose better photographs. Students are required to bring a digital camera. A point-and-shoot is ideal. This workshop will have virtually no technical content. This workshop is about pictures. A comment from 2012: “In my attendance of dozens of Peters Valley workshops, this was the most educational.” Beginner to Intermediate

Bruce Barlow is a writer, teacher, and photographer who detests such labels. He was a junior staff member of Fred Picker’s Zone VI Workshop. He worked with Richard Ritter at Zone VI Studios in the late 1980s, and Richard and he have been offering Fine Focus Workshops since 2002. He wrote a number of articles for View Camera and Lenswork magazines, and wrote the E-Book Finely Focused: Mechanics and Creativity in Large Format Photography. He also wrote More Finely Focused based on his Peters Valley workshop in 2012. He’s had many exhibits of his photographs. Bruce is travelling around the country in a cargo van, making photographs and collecting stories for a new book.

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