Large Format Pinhole Camera & Alternative Process Printing
Gordon Holtslander
August 2-6 at Peters Valley School of Craft

This workshop explores the roots of photography using very simple handmade cameras and traditional hand coated printing processes. Participants will make and use a variety of simple very large format pinhole cameras using 8x10 inch and larger format film, to conceive and capture images unique to pinhole photography. Participants will use their pinhole large format camera negatives to produce contact prints using a number of historical hand coated printing processes, including cyanotype, salted paper, kallitype and VanDyke brown. These processes can use the sun to expose the prints which can be developed under visible light. Participants will be able to produce unique large compelling archival prints without an enlarger, traditional camera or an elaborate darkroom. Traditional photography simplified to its roots leaving the photographer in control.

Gordon Holtslander has been a photographer for over 40 years and has been working with alternative/historical printing processes for over 25 years. He is the founder and manager of the international alternative photographic processes internet mailing list. Gordon independently researched and developed the chemistry and technique to use inexpensive industrial graphics arts film to produce very large format continuous tone negatives.

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