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Thread: 8/16 - 8/20 Gum Bichromate & Cyanotype Printing using Digital Negatives

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    8/16 - 8/20 Gum Bichromate & Cyanotype Printing using Digital Negatives

    Gum Bichromate & Cyanotype Printing using Digital Negatives
    Sandra C. Davis
    August 16-20 @ Peters Valley School Of Craft

    Learn the historic processes of gum bichromate printing and cyanotype. Photo-sensitized watercolor is brushed onto paper, upon which negatives are placed during exposure to ultraviolet light. The only processing required is rinsing in water to remove unexposed pigment. Multiple layers are made to produce a luminous combination of painting and photography. In this workshop we will begin with digital captures or film negatives. Through the use of Adobe Photoshop, you will learn several ways to prepare the digital negatives that will be used for exposing the gum bichromate and cyanotype prints. We will explore Tri-tone, CMYK, and duotone separation options. Knowledge of Photoshop is helpful but not required.

    Sandra C. Davis is a photographer whose haunting imagery is about capturing remembered moments from the past, exploring history through photographing what remains from previous eras. She prints these images using the historic photographic processes of gum bichromate and cyanotype. She has been teaching non-silver printmaking processes for over ten years at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She also teaches darkroom photography and alternative processes at Mercer County College, NJ. She has contributed to A Non-silver Manual by Sarah Van Keuren and has work published in The Book of Alternative Processes, 2nd Edition by Christopher James. Her award-winning images have been exhibited nationwide and are in public, corporate and private collections. To see more of her images, go to

    For more information please go to: or contact Andy Schmitt @
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