Environmental Portraiture
Herbert Ascherman, Jr.

August 23-27
Environmental Portraiture is based on daily assignments in and around Peters Valley. Topics that will be covered during the review of student work will be available light, composition, formal and informal portrait posing, photographer's attitude, demeanor and methodology, model releases, and the business of portraiture. The first portrait assignment will focus on fellow classmates as subjects. Using the environs of the Peters Valley campus, students will utilize both natural and man-made backgrounds. Leaving the Peters Valley campus, students will take a hands-on approach to photographing the local citizenry of Milford Pa. This exercise is designed to teach the how's and why’s of working with local townspeople to make a formal or informal portrait. The final day of shooting will engage both male and female models. Discussions will include model management and etiquette as well as the photographer's preparation for working with figure models.

Herb Ascherman has operated a successful portrait studio for an international clientele since 1975. In 1977 he founded the Ascherman Gallery of the Cleveland Photographic Workshop which exhibited over 1000 photographers in its 28 years of operation. Herb has been teaching Photography since 1976, has spoken to over 200 groups around the country and is known for his writing and curatorial skills in Alternative Process photography. Most recently, he has had his second photo essay published by View Camera Magazine. He has written the professional portrait/wedding chapters in American Society of Media Photographer's Business Practice textbook, has published a number of photography monographs and illustrated 4 children's books. Herb has had one man shows in Paris, Tokyo, India, New York, and Cleveland, etc. His work is held in the Cleveland Museum of Art, National Portrait Gallery of London, Bibliotheque Nationale, Musee de Ville de Paris, and The Kinsey Institute among others. www.ascherman.com

Note: Though Herb is famous for his 8x10 portrait and other work, especially when presented in Platinum, we've decided to use digital cameras to speed up the intermediate processing and allow more time for the students to learn.

For more information please go to: http://www.petersvalley.org/html/Photography.cfm or contact Andy Schmitt @ Photography@PetersValley.org