Demystifying Digital Negatives Intensive Workshop
9am – 5pm Saturday May 18, 2013
Pittsburgh PA USA
Instructor: Tom Persinger
Cost: $220 (+ small lab fee)

In this day long intensive workshop participants will learn an easy, effective, and enjoyable way to create reliable digital negatives. This simple and straight forward process relies on print making, scanning, and computer analysis to create custom curves generated for your particular working method.
We’ll discuss and explore reaching “first black,” creating custom curves and tweaker curves in a hands-on way that takes all of the mind numbing number crunching and point by point analysis out of the process. These step charts may look boring, but once you go through the process, each negative you create afterwards will be perfectly tuned for your working environment – no more wasted paper, chemistry, and valuable time!
We’ll calibrate multiple processes and several papers so that there’s variation among participants. We suggest that participants bring their own laptops (though not essential we have computers that may be used).

Not only will you leave with all of the skills and experience you need to calibrate your setup at home, but if you bring your laptop you’ll have all of the necessary tools installed and ready to go! We’ll also discuss building a highly effective, yet extremely inexpensive UV light source that requires virtually NO work or skill (I know it sounds too good to be true, but I assure you it’s not)!

We look forward to spending the day with you!

Space is limited.

Maximum of 6 participants for an intimate workshop experience!

Only 4 seats left!

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