Lenses and Lith Film Intensive Workshop
9am – 5pm Saturday June 8, 2013
Pittsburgh PA USA
Instructor: Tom Persinger
Cost: $220 (+ small lab fee)

In this one day intensive workshop, we’ll discuss optics and create lenses and lens boards using surplus lens elements and hardware store components that fit your large format camera. We’ll then use them in the field with the use of lith film. We’ll develop the film in the darkroom using a unique developer formula that will create negatives with a full tonal range.
These simple lenses are similar to those used by the early pictorialist photographers. They often have wonderful and unique aberrations that can be manipulated to create stunning visual effects. We’ll have a several focal lengths on hand for participants to build and try, and for those interested instruction will be available on creating different sizes and types of apertures.

Lith film has a spectral sensitivity that’s similar to wet plate collodion (highly blue sensitive) and may be developed by inspection under red safe lights. When developed normally the contrast is too extreme for most photographic purposes, however when combined with a special low contrast developer the results are wonderful. And, it’s only a fraction of the cost of conventional black and white sheet film.

All participants will leave with a manual, a lens, and their own developed lith film negatives.
We look forward to spending the day with you!
Space is limited.
Maximum of 6 participants for an intimate workshop experience!
June 2013 – Day to be announced soon. Email for priority registration >>
*This combines two of my photo technique articles into one intense workshop experience:
Making In-Camera Lith Film Negatives & Making a Camera Lens