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Thread: Morning on the River

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    Morning on the River

    I'm finally done working through the rolls I shot back in March. These were taken along the Cheat River Narrows (where else?). I had low expectations when I first looked at the negatives, but scanning revealed a lot of details that I could not make out when viewing the strip.

    Zero Image 612B; Kodak 160VC film, scanned in greyscale. Exposures were around five seconds (I think). No toning on these ones. I really liked them in straight grey scale.

    Here's one looking upriver, with the sun just breaking over the hills:


    Here's one looking downriver. The rapids made some nice patterns:


    And one more looking back upriver:


    Time to go out and take some more pictures!
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    Beautiful the 6x12 is made for that area.
    Regards Shane
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    Great composition and detail. I enjoy the work you are getting out of this camera. Keep up the good work.

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    Nice set. I really like the water patterns on number 2.

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    Beautifull set, the water is wonderfull in second and third.

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    A very nice set of images.

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    A very nice set of pictures. #1 and #2 would give a nice diptych.
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    The middle one really imparts a sense of motion.
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    These are simple gorgeous. You've picked the right camera, format and subject, well done
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