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Thread: Walking Around Yale University

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    Walking Around Yale University

    I have spent the past few sundays walking around the campus of Yale University taking photographs, shaking off the rust from a long break from pinhole, and familiarizing myself with my three newest foam core cameras: a 30mm f/150, a 66mm f/220, and a 96mm f/220. All were made for my new stash of 4x5 film holders which, by the way, are absolutely wonderful!
    No more walking past photo opportunities that could have been good, but passed on because I was sick of changing film in a bag every time.

    The first image is looking straight up at the vaulted entrance of the Sterling Law Building at Yale. I placed the camera flat on the ground. Security came....asked a couple questions....believed me when I said it's only a camera....went on thier way. (If I had a dollar.....)

    I definitely channeled Scott on this one:

    4x5 pre-flashed grade 2 paper negative developed in Arista Premium paper developer 1:10
    66mm fl, f/220
    3 min 30 sec exposure

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