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Thread: Learning crossed eyed stereo viewing?

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    Learning crossed eyed stereo viewing?

    I hear a lot of people on this forum say they can't get the 3D effect viewing images set up for crossed eyed stereo viewing. I remember seeing simplified examples that were supposed to make things easier. I whipped up the following examples and I'm wondering if they help. I tried it with Sarah yesterday, who has never been able to get crossed eye images to work, and she could do these, and then could get regular photographs to work.

    So once again. the idea is to cross your eyes like your mother told you never to do. That makes you see double, (It's easier to note this effect if you tilt your head) but as you increase the crossing of your eyes (after leveling your head again of course), at some point the middle two images align on top of each other and you can see the 3D effect. It helps to look at some specific object in the scene and bring them together. BTW, you'll still see two images on the sides, but it's the one in the middle that's 3D.

    In the first image, it's probably easiest if you try to get the heart images together, In the second, any of the three shapes will probably do.

    So how about it? Does this help?



    If you do get that to work, try it out with some photographs,here and here and here and my all-time favorite.

    Guilty admission: I can't get parallel viewing to work, so let me know if somebody has some tricks to do that. I could never get anything to pop out of those magic images that were popular in the '80's and '90's.
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    Hi Nick,

    I have never managed parallel viewing either, but can do cross-eye fine. I really like these example images, they work really nicely, well done!

    I have had students who had only seen anaglyphs and were amazed at how much more detailed scenes appeared when they viewed the same images as a cross-eye pair; free-viewing is by far the best way if you can do it.

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    yes, this is much easier! I think for me it has a lot to do with how large the image is on my screen and how far away from it i am... If i zoom in on th monitor and move my head closer to it it seems to work fine on these two images.

    the photographs are harder because they are smaller

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    Found this post -- and, yes, today I have managed to see my first 3D cross-eyed images. Thanks!
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