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Thread: Reflecting trees

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    Reflecting trees

    Thanks to recent post my ZP glands have been stimulated. I'd forgotten how hard it is! (edit:I'm talking about ZP photography)
    Here's my best effort from yesterday.
    Canon 5d with 38mm ZP. iso800.

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    Jimmy, great atmosphere in this picture. I like the pale colors.
    -_- Best wishes from Switzerland, René -_- my photos on flickr

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    I agree with renon, the colors are nice and the reflections in the water are beautiful. That "fog - blured" appearance of zp, thats what pulled me into the zp photography. Nice picture.

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    First, thank you for the clarification.....

    A very classic look to your photo that has great appeal.
    "Most people know the names of only two photographers. One is Ansel Adams and the other one isn't." Bill Jay
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