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Thread: Apple tree

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    Apple tree

    The sun was almost out the other day, so I broke out my folding 4x5 pinhole camera and captured some images.

    This one is of the ivy growing over a knot in the apple tree. I set the camera to a 73mm focal length with a 0.3mm pinhole which gave f/244. It took 3 hours 45 minutes for the exposure onto a pre-flashed Ilford VC paper negative, through a yellow filter. I developed it to completion.

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    hi evan, wow, thats an incredibly long exposure for an outdoor shot! lucky it wasnt a windy day!
    i really like the textures in the image, especially the slight denting in the ivy leaves between the veins

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    Hi Isabella,

    I think I was lucky; there are only a few leaves that have a little blurring from moving in the breeze. I had intended a 4 1/2 hour exposure, but had to stop as it started to rain. The shadows were exposed well enough by then luckily; being short 3/4 hour of exposure time was only 1/3 of a stop.

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