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Thread: Sculpture and Ivy in Stereo

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    Sculpture and Ivy in Stereo

    It has been a while since I have done any stereo work, so I thought I would take some pictures to 'get my eye in' again.

    I hunted around the garden for good candidates and this piece of sculpture that is being strangled by Ivy seemed to have quite some depth to it.

    Taken with my home-brew stereo camera, pre-flashed Ilford VC paper negative through yellow filters, f/16 for 9 seconds.

    The stereo pair is arranged for cross-eye viewing (for those not familiar with cross-eye, see here)

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    sculpture and ivy_ 4x5 stereo f16 9s ilfvc fl y.jpg
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    Evan, that is a really masterful 3D rendering, what a classic subject. One could not want for more.
    Sam H.

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    There is more depth in this Stereo than in all the others I've looked at combined! Great shot!

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