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Thread: More adventures in Paris..

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    More adventures in Paris..

    Hey folks,
    A few from my last trip to Paris, as you can see I was looking for some fresh perspectives on the eiffel tower.
    You can find lots more at my latest blog entry:

    6x6 converted isolette with 25mm FL and 0.2mm PH.

    Here's the 6x17 with 10mm of rise, you can see it in the tower I think, it seems to have been given more of a looming presence! I'm very happy with that camera.

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    James Great work, each image is a winner.

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    Your first and last images are particularly stunning! I personally find the square format more difficult to compose than traditional ratios. These two are fantastic. If I remember correctly, you shoot on Acros right? What developer do you use?

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    Great images! I really like that first one.....

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    Thanks folks, Yes that's R09 (rodinal). 1:50 for 11 mins. I have a back end process after scanning too but it's pretty minimal.

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    Great collection, Jimmy! Thanks for sharing.
    The world is not black and white. It often looks good in grayscale, though.

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    Beautifull series, couldn't pick the favorite - they are all stunning.

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    Top notch. The low angle is especially effective with the use of rise.
    "Most people know the names of only two photographers. One is Ansel Adams and the other one isn't." Bill Jay
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    Great set of images! Really enjoyed viewing them.

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    They are wonderful! Especially the first and last.
    Some photos: Ipernity
    ( pinholes and solargraphs mixed in among the rest)

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