Hi all, yesterday I began developing my 120 roll film in Fomadon R09. and I have a couple questions about it. I mixed a dilution of 1:50 by the way.

In the past I have developed only a handfull of times (using an Ilford developer, maybe Ilfosol?), but with no real problems. Just followed the rules and directions and everything went fine. The same went for last night, with one exception: my film came out with a blueish/green hue to it. It even stained my developer blue/green when I was pouring it out after the developer stage.

Was this the antihalation layer dyes that I have read about? In the past, with the same exact film but a different developer, the film has looked quite clear, as in it had no coloration to the transparent areas of the film when developed.

Does R09 cause film to have a blueish tint? Or did I not rinse my film enough possibly? (I use the Ilford methon od rinsing, at least I think thats what it is called.)

The negatives seemed to scan rather nicely, so I don't know if the blue tint is a problem or not.

Curious if you guys have any experience with this and could shed some light on it.