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Thread: By the pool

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    By the pool

    Two images captured a few weeks ago under the sun in France.

    Both taken on my 4"x5" folding pinhole; still with its pink bellows 8)

    Camera expanded to 54mm, f/148 55seconds. Pre-flashed Ilford MGIV variable contrast paper through a yellow filter.

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    By the pool

    the kids were diving in an out in this one, but the only trace is the bright highlights from the sun shining through the splashing.

    Camera expanded to 54mm, f/148 55seconds. Pre-flashed Ilford MGIV variable contrast paper through a yellow filter.

    Best regards,

    Evan Attached files

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    By the pool

    I especially like the first one Evan. Really nice tones, that yellow filter works very well.
    The little greasy splodge in the sky on both pictures is an indication that the sensor needs cleaning on this camera!!!! ;D ;D

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    By the pool

    Thanks Tony,

    Yes I had noticed the splodge too. The yellow filter is on a little arm inside the camera so that it can be swung in or out easily. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to clean the dust of the surface nearest the pinhole, hence the odd splodge. I intend to glue an old 52mm filter ring on the inside of the camera so that I can screw a yellow filter in or out and therefore clean it easily.

    Best regards,


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    By the pool

    Yep, both great shots when you look into them.
    I like your pink camera too, I would like to made a 8x10 version, not to have a adjustable range just ease of carrying it.

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    To excellent pictures with a very good tonality. I tried Multigrade paper with Multigrade gel filters. This worked not bad but I preferred to get the optimum out of graded paper.
    -_- Best wishes from Switzerland, René -_- my photos on flickr

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    Hi Rene,

    Many thanks.

    I happened to get a good price on a big box of VC paper, but I too prefer graded paper. The VC paper is difficult to meter for as you have to develop to completion. For my view camera work with a lens, the VC paper is quite viable, but for pinhole work when I am relying on the sun staying constant for a long time, graded paper is much easier to get a good negative from as you can adjust the developing if the exposure is not as expected.

    A plus point of having to develop to completion though is that I can develop in-the-field very easily; I put the paper negative in a print tube and then slosh in some developer for a good few minutes; as long as the time is long enough, the exact time and temperature are not critical.

    Best regards,

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    Two fine images, Evan. They bring back many happy memories of being poolside in France.
    Great stuff.
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    (Manuel Alvarez Bravo)

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