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Thread: Spent about an hour this morning...

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    Spent about an hour this morning...

    I was doing some simple pinhole pics for WPPD. I was using a converted Ansco 35mm. I thought I had left a new roll of film in it when I put it up. Well, I didn't! I call it memory photography! I remember what I was going to take. They all came out perfect in my mind. Back to the drawing board. Film in camera, check!

    Happy Pinholeing!

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    That's better than forgetting to wind on.
    Regards Shane
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    Yes, I know it. The best of my photos are those which I have just seen in my mind, either having no film, no camera, or -- as during my trip to Israel -- unknowingly double exposing the same roll of film ;-)
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    I think the ony thing worse is heading out with low expectations of any real photographic possibilites and only taking the fim left in the camera. Then you stumble on some really neat stuff and have 5 frames to capture it in. Then questioning everything you do; composition, exposure, did I shut the shutter, did I advance the film.....

    So many mistakes; so little time.
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