Taking advantage of an appropriate moment towards the end of my Pinhole Day presentation at Liverpool's Open Eye Gallery on Sunday 28th, I recorded those individuals who had kindly gathered in the early afternoon to hear my illustrated and demonstrative talk on my own work and the subject of pinhole photography in general. As there was just enough room on the movable PC/Projector table for my Zero Image 6x9 MF, I took a quick light reading and persuaded the attendees to look at the hardwood box, and maintain a stillness for about half a minute. Having started the exposure (using a small lockable cable release) I quickly joined the group, sitting on the floor behind my 36 exposure VARIANCE f.201 pinhole camera*, which was bestrewn with a variety of paper negatives (the roll is a 24"x20" VARIANCE contact print). Fifteen seconds proved to be enough time for my own ghostly presence to be sufficiently rendered.

N.B. In case you were wondering... That's not dandruff on the negative, it's a very bright halogen light.

*VARIANCE (focal length 72mm) is constructed/adapted from a folding decorator's table.

Fuji ACROS 100 / 5 minutes / Kodak HC110 - Dilution B @ 20°C