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Thread: My WWPD pic - funny coincidence

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    My WWPD pic - funny coincidence

    Went out with my fellow pinholer Mark Doxy, which was he first time I'd met him. We went round the University Quarter dodging rain. Despite the fact that Mark had a cigarbox 5x4, a camera made from a coconut and a taped-up Agfa Clack and me with a wooden thingy... nobody made remarks surprsingly... ones of our age.
    We were hunkering down trying to take a joint photo in a reflecting surface when a stylish hipster girl (maybe 19-20) walked past with a miniature Schnauzer(?) terrier who started barking at us.
    She said to the dog "don't worry, it's worldwide pinhole day."
    Mark asked "how do you know that?"
    To which she replied, "I'm not as stupid as I look... I've got a Lensbaby for my digital.'
    'Well why not be taking pinholes today?.
    Oh I can do it any day.
    How true. Anyway, it's great to meet another pinholer. Not too many in N.Ireland. Mark I have followed on Flickr. He was king enough to rescue my shots when we both spent too much time blabbering about cameras and f-stops that I lost it. He kindly prodessed this and emailed it same day as WWPD.
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    Fantastic image, John. I take it is Botanic?

    Such a strong composition and the colours and details just sing out.
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    wonderful. sky, distant trees, everything!
    Some photos: Ipernity
    ( pinholes and solargraphs mixed in among the rest)

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    Wonderful image, as well as a good story!

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    Now that's a very nice image.
    Was it taken at the UK costal town of Brighton?

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    Great story, John, and even better photo. Terrific colors and atmosphere.
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    Great image, and very nice story, very rare too meet two pinholers at the same place !

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    It's the Botanic gardens in Belfast isn't it?


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    I love the high contrast and saturated color.

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