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Thread: Kilkee. Co.Clare

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    Kilkee. Co.Clare

    I was home last week and took my sister (she took me I suppose) pinholing where we used to go on holidays as children. I shot the 6x17 pano and she the 6x6 25mm. Fuji Acros dev'd in r09 for 12mins 1:50.
    You can find loads more here in my latest blog post:

    And here's a couple from my sister and 1st time pinholer....She was impressed by the experience and enjoyed the lack of buttons,viewfinder, control etc. Also she enjoyed 'getting down on the ground' - I usually bring small gorillapod style tripods so this is a necessity.

    That's me out on the Pier!

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    The first and the last are fabulous - the almighty horizon with figure, and delicious pinhole flare.
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    Wonderful set of images! What is number three?

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    First and last are fantastic! The flare in the last one is amazing. Looks like a solar flare off the sun.

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    A nice story, a great sister :-) and some fabulous pics.
    I received the mail with all pics from the wordpress blog. Good idea to start one up for myself...
    The last one, with you out on the pier, has all those characteristics of a good pinhole image:
    depth-of-field, beautiful wide angle swoosh, low viewpoint, sun rays, the small but important figure "far away", and I could go on.
    Superb. Your sister, a first time pinholer? Either she had some secret practice, or you guided her very well.
    Or perhaps the pinhole process itself rewards everyone who practices it with beautiful images.

    Cheers, Danny

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    Thanks folks. Number 3 is an upturned 'curragh', a typical irish boat that sealed with tar - you can see the suns effect on the tar.
    Danny - yeah, her images are surprisingly good, I didn't give much direction apart from the exposure time. We'll put it down to beginers luck!

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    Gonna join the chorus for the first one. It's great.

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    The first one is excellennt for me. Really nice!
    The world is not black and white. It often looks good in grayscale, though.

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    Me too #1
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    Jimmy, as someone who knows every inch of the place too, I think these are fabulous.

    And folks, if you want to see more just log on to Jimmy's blog page where there are many more outstanding images from this series. Hopefully he may get the time to post them up here soon?

    Please click on my flickr page :

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