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Thread: UV light source

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    UV light source

    I couldn't find a thread about building a UV light source using compact fluorescent black lights(the mogul base screw in type).I'm wondering if they would work for carbon printing? I'm not even sure black light bulbs would work. Would appreciate any suggestions to this end.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Don, try this excellent article by Sandy King Another on my to-do list.


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    Thanks Barry.I'd read the article some time ago and could not for the life of me remember where to find it (getting old is a blast LOL!) also couldn't remember which fluorescent black light bulb worked best.
    Thanks again.

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    if you starting from scratch look into the UV LED lights. As for tubes BL (insect tubes), BLB work fine..
    Regards Shane
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    Thanks for all the help you all.
    Just as I was settling down to finish accumulating some more 24" fluorescent fixtures to build a light box type unit a relative gifted me with a 400 watt HID metal halide light fixture complete with bulb. Guess I'm going in a different direction now(go figure).

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