Now that all the prints I sent out for this year's print exchange have arrived, I thought I would post a scan of it.

The Image was one of a set I did of a coke can from a multi-pack box; I could not resist the relationship to the concept of the print swap.

I took the picture using my 5x4 folding pinhole camera, extended out to a 73mm focal length and with a 0.3mm EMS pinhole (giving f/244). The exposure was through a yellow filter behind the pinhole and took 40 minutes onto a paper negative that was pre-flashed Ilford MGIV Variable Contrast paper. I scanned the paper negative and then made a digital negative on transparency for use in the contact printing. There is an image of the scan in the forum here.

The image is printed in soot I have harvested from my chimney; it is not an easy pigment to work with but seems to give an interesting character to the prints as the range of soot particle sizes varies. The carbon tissue is made with a soap-based recipe, quite similar to the one in Swan's patent.

I printed a limited edition of 8.
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