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Thread: Proud Pinhole Papa

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    Proud Pinhole Papa

    This year's World Pinhole Day was the first time all three of my kids took part. It was quite the sight to see them all down in the field and along the river, armed with cameras and tripods, all counting off "one-one-thousands." I tried very hard not to be a helicopter parent. I served as film loader and meter reader, but otherwise, I set them loose. We had some mishaps (see below), but also some pretty great results. (In a few cases, I feel tempted to say, "Oh yeah, I shot that one.")

    Here is a little "gallery" of their work, going from youngest to oldest. I did do the scanning and I made adjustments to the curves and saturation as seemed appropriate; I also did a little cropping and adjustment of horizon lines, but nothing too radical.

    First up is young Margot, who is just turning seven this month. She used a Holga 135BC camera and did really well with the tripod and cable release.

    Here's one of a blossoming apple tree:

    Margot # 1.jpg

    Margot shot most of her roll down by the river:

    Margot # 2.jpg

    Margot # 3.jpg

    And here's the last one, desaturated and toned using the usual DRC-recipe:

    Margot # 3bwt.jpg
    See my photos at:

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    And some more river shots by Margot:

    Margot # 4.jpg

    Margot # 5.jpg

    Margot # 6.jpg

    And the last one, desaturated and toned:

    Margot # 6bwt.jpg
    See my photos at:

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    And now Lowell, age eight. Poor Lowell had the hardest time of it. He was using a little cardboard P-Sharan Wide 35 for the first time. The winding on it proved very fussy (to me, as well as Lowell) and two rolls (!!) turned out blank. Fortunately, one roll went through.

    Here's one down by the river:

    Lowell # 1.jpg

    And here's his take on the apple blossoms, cropped per his instructions from the original panoramic format:

    Lowell # 2.jpg
    See my photos at:

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    And now Henry, age 11, a WPPD veteran. Henry used a Zero Image 2000 camera for the first time and got some really good results.

    Here's his first image of the day:

    Henry # 1.jpg

    And another plant shot (Henry played a lot of with low angles and close-ups):

    Henry # 2.jpg

    He also did some river shots:

    Henry # 3.jpg

    Henry # 4.jpg
    See my photos at:

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    And one more from Henry, in the original color and toned (I really like this one):

    Henry # 5.jpg

    Henry # 5bwt.jpg
    See my photos at:

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    Dave, you are rightfully proud.
    However, it may be dangerous to infect young children with the pinhole virus...
    And as you know, children pick things up fast, and might surpass the teacher with their open mind.
    But then again, this means you could be learning a lot from them soon :-)

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    Thanks for sharing the work of a new pinhole generation :-) Danny is right...
    The world is not black and white. It often looks good in grayscale, though.

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    Congratulations for the kids!

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    What sort of father are you, why are they not inside playing video games....
    Regards Shane
    - Suggestions on how to improve image always welcome

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    Each one has an excellent collection. The last one, particularly the color version, is a really interesting graphic compostion, particularly with that rock hovering in space.

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