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Thread: ONDU Pinhole cameras on Kickstarter

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    ONDU Pinhole cameras on Kickstarter

    Hello everybody, I've been busy in the few past months, and this is what I came up with.

    Today I launched a project on Kickstarter that involves well, Pinhole cameras.

    I've been taking pinhole pictures for a while now, and this is the culmination of everything I learned over the years and a lot of thanks goes to all of you.

    I hope you like them! More can be seen on links below. Questions, comments and support is greatly appreciated!



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    Those look very nice. Do the 35mm ones have a "clicker" for counting notches when advancing the film? Do the 120 film ones have view holes for the film frame marker numbers?

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    Very nice looking cameras. I have questions similar to Brad's about counting off frames with the 35mm. Also, do you wind the 35mm into another canister or does it allow for rewinding back into the original?
    See my photos at:

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    My question pertains to the shutter, does it have a magnet to help prevent accidental exposures (like the Ilford Obscura)?

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    Hello, to everybody.

    I have left some room for last minute adjustments in the cameras. The 120 film ones have holes with red filters for frame counting. For 135 I'm still figuring out how to
    put te clicker so that the film runs in both directions without ripping the film. The other option is just to supply some "clickers" that can be taped on and removed before rewinding film, since the cameras will use a take up reel so overall exposures of film will not be an issue. For the magnet on the shutter, I was seriously thinking of adding that feature, since eccidental exposures happened a few times during testing, and the magnets are so small that visual appearance will not be an issue, I hope.

    Thank you for your questions and comments, I hope I passed !


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    Hey Elvis, a thin aluminium clicker really won't shred the film. I've done it before with a papercraft camera i made and it worked fine even when rewinding. Same goes for the current stereo camera i'm running some film trough.

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    Good luck Elvis! I'm in the process of something similar trying to get my 6x17 curved film plane pano cam into production - I'll be making them myself also (from Walnut, finished with a dark stain and hard wearing varnish) and hope to have my production prototype within a month and then start taking orders. I'll definitely be keeping you guys informed.
    You cameras are very pretty and the woodwork looks top notch. I like the oiled finish. My advice would be just to be careful on the details i.e wind on mechanism, shutter, clicker, tripod mount etc. Those things need to be super reliable and as you are pushing the fact the camera will last a lifetime be very careful with the likes of the clicker - things like that are finicky and most people aren't like us folk and won't be okay with adjusting these things on a continuous basis. Remember your camera is only as reliable as the weakest link in the design.
    It looks like you'll reach your goal easy! Congrats and good luck.

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    Congratulations on the Kickstarter funding! 110% in 10% of the window - looks like a roaring success.

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    Hello everybody, !

    Still can't believe people are giving the project so much support.

    dwerg85 Thank you for the info, I'm seriously considering adding the clicker.

    JimmyG : Allso much thanks for your input, I'll take great care to make everything as stirdy and durable as possible.

    DaveBell: Thank you, It really means a lot.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

    Thank you.

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