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    Great perspective and excelent photos. Thanks for the link to the information.
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    Nice work. I like the first and last ones the best.
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    Very nice! I especially like the composition of the second image, with the cleat in the foreground.
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    I agree, the second photo really grabbed me right away. Great exposure as well. I have a Holga WPC also, it is a wonderful camera!

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    These are great! Did you use a red filter for the contrast? That ship is very impressive!

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    Class series !

    The second image is a stunner. The movement on the ropes is fantastic.

    You have such a sharp pinhole and the contrast is wonderful.
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    I also like number 2, but I find number 3 quite interesting too, as I can't see the water and it makes it a bit mysterious as to how this ship came to rest among the buildings, and the cloud movement really accentuates the ship as it appears to radiate from it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy G View Post
    Did you use a red filter for the contrast?!
    This time no filter at all. Unfortunately all shots was heavy under exposed, by my fault. ISO sensitivity of GP3 is rather 50, than 100. Now, I know it. Beautiful rich sky and no ditails in the shadows... Factor of chance is inseparable in pinhole business and I like it!
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