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Thread: One day, three photos.

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    One day, three photos.


    Old bridge, will be destroyed after few weeks for safety reasons. New train planning under this bridge.
    It's called "Weiser bridge" after Paweł Huelle roman "Weiser Davidek".

    Place of my childhood, also...


    Oliva Park, sitting with my girlfriend and watching Abbot's Palace.
    The ghost on the right its me... It hard to live without self timer. You must be very quick!


    Same park. Interesting trees.

    Camera : HOLGA 120 WPC
    Film : Shanghai GP3

    Much bigger versions in my flickr account.
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    Nicely done! Shame about the gorgeous bridge. That image reminds of images from the US civil war.

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    Another post with great images, you better go get more images of the bridge. The new one won't be as nice.
    Regards Shane
    - Suggestions on how to improve image always welcome

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