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Thread: Let's get serious...

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    Let's get serious...

    T34 tank from II WW. It was the first tank, which burst into the city, during the battles for the liberation of Gdansk. Standing now, near the main street, as a monument.
    Tinted in Ps, trying to save bad exposured and framing photo... ;(.
    Let me know what you think, please.


    Raw scan below:
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    Rather "apocalyptic" postprocessing, but I think it suits the theme here.
    The world is not black and white. It often looks good in grayscale, though.

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    The tinted version definitely has a stronger mood to it. I'd go with that one.
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    Definitely the first toned image. Tells more of a story I think.

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    The tinted one is much more like the grainy colour images you see from WW2 so it get my vote too.


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